Valory Zeck

Houston, TX

A Texan, born and raised, Valory never expected to become a hockey mom, nor a coach! Having only seen snow twice in her life, skating was completely foreign to her, but once her kids got the hockey bug, there was no turning back. Teaching herself to skate with a few local lessons and hours and hours on Youtube, she was actually getting good enough. During her daughter’s mite tryouts she was asked to volunteer to help out and suddenly found herself as a coach.

“Even though this last few seasons have just been complete insanity with work and life and now playing and coaching on May 9th we received 2 boys (8 and 10 yrs old brothers) from CPS care and now we are fostering to adopt. Before joining novice and before coaching I used to think I never had time for things, but that was bs. During the season my husband and I always made it work, he takes one to baseball I take two to hockey …whatever we needed to do we made happen. After Maddox was born we had both talked about being sad that those days were over, I was getting too old and we just didn’t think we could afford it or didn’t have enough time. So over Thanksgiving in the midst of crazy hockey season of Mites and Varsity we agreed to get licensed to adopt. We are now the proud parents of 8 yr old daughter, 8 yr old soon to be son, 9 yr old son, 10 year old soon to be son and 17 year old son.

“I don’t know how we do it everyday, the laundry alone is ridiculous but we make it happen and I am so proud and honored to be their Hockey Mom.”

It’s stories like Valory’s that make us realize that hockey is truly more than a sport. It can bring someone in who has never skated, seen snow, or been in a rink and change their life.