Sandy Niles

My sister, Sandy Niles is an amazing inspiration to our hockey community. I swear she could win a Hockey Jeopardy! She has always played hockey on the family farm since she was 5, hockey has always been in her blood. She has been involved as coach since the late 70’s with Canton Minor hockey, but was more like a mother to all of her players. To this day, she can tell you all of her player’s names and where and what they are doing. No matter what it was, Sandy was ready to help from finding equipment for players who needed it to dressing up as Santa for all the kids in the youth program. She took extra care of her nephews, J.D and Jordan – always making sure they could be on the ice. When they shipped off to prep-school, she stepped down from the local program to make sure she could travel to Minnesota and Michigan to be at their games. Her commitment and sacrifice was something to behold. I have never seen my sister cry as much as the day both boys were drafted into the NHL. People tried to give her some credit for her coaching, but she just kept saying “NO, it was their hard work.” She is an amazing woman and I wouldn’t have half the amazing memories in the hockey rink if it was not for her.

Submitted by Susan Sheridan.