Rachel Andrew

The Ultimate Hockey Mom.

Rachel has three kids in hockey currently and is team manager for a Mite Travel team in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin. When we first started hockey we were with a house program who was without a team manager, seeing the need Rachel volunteered and 3 years later is an amazing team manager. Rachel spends hours planning and organizing to ensure the players and the families all have the best experience possible. Her goal is to always ensure that the kids have the ability and forum to make long lasting memories and friendships. She is all about the kids and making sure every one of them feels special and part of something bigger than just a hockey team, but part of a hockey family. Her dedication and selflessness in her passion for her kids and the team is something that I admire and believe will stick with the kids and family she touches. I really believe she is the embodiment of a Hockey Mom.

Submitted by her husband, Devon.