About the Day

National Hockey Mom Day was FINALLY officially launched in 2017 as a day to celebrate the glue that holds most hockey families across the world, Mom. Officially marked as the second day in January every year, the inaugural day was officially January 11th, 2019. Throughout the year, National Hockey Mom Day continually seeks to bring together and promote awareness within the hockey community of what Hockey Moms do and foster love and growth of the sport we all love.

As part of the celebration, the National Hockey Mom Day Committee accepts nominations for the Hockey Mom of the Year Award from August 1st – November 31st each year. This award recognizes one #HockeyMom in Canada and one #HockeyMom in the United States who continually goes above and beyond for her family, team and community. To submit a recommendation, visit us here to tell her story.

In addition to the award and celebration, the NHMD Committee seeks partners and sponsors throughout the year to offer Mom giveaways and discounts each January. If you are interested in learning more about the types of celebrations communities across the US and Canada are planning, reach out to us here.